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Maintaining The Garden

Here at Adam's Garden, we put cleanliness at the very top of our list! We believe that by maintaining a clean facility, we can significantly reduce the amount of germs and illnesses that typically spread from child to child at indoor play spaces. In our pursuit to keep children happy and healthy, we go the extra mile with a variety of safe and effective cleaning techniques.


The Garden strives to use cleaning solutions that are safe for even the tiniest of tots! Instead of using harsh cleaning chemicals that can make children ill over time, we strive to use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to clean all toys and surface areas.


The Garden is also proud to say, NO to the dreaded "dirty ball pit"! We use a unique cleaning machine and system to clean every ball. Each ball is sucked in through a tube and thoroughly sanitized for safe use.


In addition to having a nightly cleaning crew, the daytime staff at Adam's Garden also keeps the facility spic and span! Once a toy goes into a child's mouth, the staff pulls the toy out of rotation and puts it in a special bin for immediate cleaning. Our wonderful staff also does constant scans of The Garden to make sure all areas are safe and clean at all times. Our carpet is cleaned regularly, so you can say goodbye to that oh-so-familiar indoor playground "scent".


We keep our Garden clean, one toy at a time!!

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